Type Of Puppy Linux Puplets

Pioneering Fatdog 64 Moves Ahead
April 14, 2010 - Kirk has updated Fatdog 64 to Beta2.
Xorg now auto configures itself and the default keyboard is "US" and the default timezone is GMT -5. You can change these in the setup menu.. The old xorgwizard is still there if you want a detailed xorg.conf, just hit ctrl -alt-backspace to exit the Xorg server and at the prompt type xorgwizard-old, and then xwin to restart Xorg.. Firefox now runs as user spot, anything you download goes into the Downloads folder on the desktop. At the first shutdown, after making your save file, you'll be asked if you want to move the Downloads folder to the same place as your save file. Most will want to answer yes to that.. No lzma compression now.. using squashfs 4.0, any old squashfs 3.1 sfs files won't work with it..
Download the ISO from ibiblio (click here to open the ISO folder).

Lighthouse Pup Shines Light on Users
April 3, 2010 - Lighthouse Pup 4.43 Gu2 is released (G update 2)
Lighthouse is a quick and easy to set up, full-featured operating system. Derived from PuppyLinux, it offers several media players, WINE and WINEtricks, GIMP image editing, multi-user support, a choice of window managers and Gslapt package manager. Optional: KDE ('K' Desktop Environment) and Compiz-Fusion eye-candy and accessibility components. Modular design supports up to 40 concurrent SFS software combo-packs including Lighthouse Mariner, Voyager, KDE, OpenOffice, Opera, GoogleEarth, Kompozer, Kdenlive and Bibletime.
You can download the new as well as old versions of LighthousePup (see 4.1.2 series and 3.01/2.15 series - lower numbered series will be suitable to very old PCs).

Continuous Improvement to Official Puppy with Stardust 4.3.1

March 12, 2010 - Official Puppy gets continuous improvement with Zigbert's Stardust 4.3.1, now version 013.
Focus on desktop flow and ease of use.
- Desktop in DeepThought taken to next stage.
- Cleanup in apps, menus and kilobytes.
BE AWARE!!! If you have Puppy installed, you MUST run this with the prefix 'puppy pfix=ram'. Else, the Stardust desktop will not install.
For version 013, I encourage all users to NOT use Puppy Stardust, but instead help technosaurus with Puppy 4.4.
Get the latest Stardust 13 here (user=puppy password=linux). 
ISO is 99 Mb with md5sum = ef972b75074ab2a34e8b38797fa91fc8

BrunoPup for Good Looks and Rich Media Interface - Based on 4.3.1
March 4, 2010 - BrunoPup is released in the Forum by BigMike:
BrunoPup is a 4.3.1 puplet with WINE 1.1.16 for running Windows programs, and Java 1.6.0_16. It also has Firefox (Bon Echo in addition to Seamonkey 1.1.18 browser.
Download the Bruno-pup-2.0.iso (226 MB)
Md5sum 18a7131655aa9c66de095b774201cf83

UPup from Woof the Puppy Linux Builder
March 4, 2010 (Update) - UPup Made with Woof and with GLX/DRI is shared by playdayz (now version 4.58).
Forum member playdayz shares his puplet uPup based on Ubuntu Karmic.
This uPup was made with Woof.. It is basically a default build of Karmic Puppy, with two exceptions: 1) the GLX/DRI video driver files have been included and enabled; 2) few extra files have been added.
Ideally uPup will correctly install your video card and also install the glx/dri files. That can be checked by Menu -> System -> System status and config -> Hardinfo -> Display and scroll down to see that glx/dri are enabled.
Download the upup-458.ISO 143 MB 
with md5sum = 3aa69bfae1578b4e42fcec6a8dc876ef

TEENpup Mini 2010
John Biles announced the availability of TEENpup Mini 2010 beta in the forum:
Anyone looking for a fast version of Linux with a good selection of Applications that only takes up about 1.1 Gb of space installed on their EeePC's Hard Drive should give TEENpup2010minibeta a try and judge for themselves.
Hey, it's called "mini" but it is already a terrific complete desktop OS! And it is based on the community-released Puppy 4.2.1.
Download from Softpedia (344 MB).

Puppeee Arcade - Games and Firedog for the eeePCs
January 17, 2010 - Sc0ttman, author of Puppy Arcade and Firedog, introduces Puppeee Arcade, based on Puppeee431-beta3. Enjoy arcade games and Firedog in the eeePC!
A user-friendly desktop distro with firedog browser suite, wbar on the desktop, an auto-hiding JWM taskbar with quick links, easier save-file management, many more apps and proper gaming as standard.
Download pup-431.sfs (127mb, md5 = 62c6f0a96dfb61f2faa7a9ab48bcaae4) 

XP-like Puppy 4.3.1 ENGLISH version
Wine 1.1.35 was also included for installing Windows programs.
Download here: ftp://skami.homelinux.org/puppylinux/ISO/XP-like_puppy_ENG.iso 

New xp-like puplet
A new Hungarian puplet is available from the Hungarian community. It is based on the official 4.3.1 Puppy Linux.It also contains Wine 1.1.33 for some Windows programs and Winetricks for Explorer, Direct3d, Total-commander or Irfanview.
Dowload here: ftp://skami.homelinux.org/puppylinux/ISO/puppy431_hu-3.iso

Hungarian NOP 4.3.1
A Hungarian community created a localized version from the great NOP puplet.
Download here.

Puplet Cielo with OpenOffice, Skype, VLC, Songbird and TrueCrypt
Language: English
  • OpenOffice 3.1 (dictionary: EN, IT, ES, PO, DE, FR) - office suite with "Sun PDF Import Extension"
  • Skype 2.0 - internet telephony
  • Vlc 0.8.6 - media player with audio and video codecs
  • Songbird - music player and web browser with iPod add-on
  • TrueCrypt (volume mounted in "mnt", with Desktop link) - create a virtual encrypted disk
  • GtkHash - create hash from files or text (MD5, SHA1, ...)
  • Bcrypt GUI - a GUI tool to encrypt files
Download : Cielo based on Puppy Linux 4.3 387 MB
MD5sum 8d855a5fe579cafa4408e7802b8952fe  

MacPup - Use Puppy Feel Like a Mac
Nov 30, 2009 - MacPup Foxy based on Puppies 4.3.1 is released.
From the Forum: [Foxy 3] has all the apps from 4.3 plus Firefox (updated to 3.5.4) and Gimp 2.6.3. Fox 3 also Has Dbus 1.2.16 and Sakura 1.2.3 compiled and installed from source. The Enlightenment e17 window manager version .062 was also compiled and installed from source. You can also use jwm. Use the exit menu to change window managers, in e17 that is the exit icon on the desktop.Please note that not all the options in the e17 system shutdown menu work with puppy linux.That is why the exit menu was added.

Download from macpup.org.

New NOP Puppy
Oct 25, 2009 - NOP, the excellent Puppy Linux series by Forum member Gray, has a 4.3.1 version!
"Nearly Office Pup is a puplet with office apps removed and using the XFCE desktop. The idea is that the puplet is run from frugal install or USB stick and an appropriate SFS file of your favourite office apps is used. Usually this would be OpenOffice, but could be Goffice (Abiword & Gnumeric) or even Koffice.
For Goffice (Abiword & Gnumeric) try the goffice-43.sfs file at the above site.
NOP 431 is based on Puppy 4.3.1 but with the Xfce / Thunar desktop replacing JWM / Rox, and of course Abiword & Gnumeric, Homebank, notecase removed. Opera 10 replaces Seamonkey as the web browser.
Pwidgets 2.5 is included but not active by default."
Get if from here, now version r1. (user=puppy password=linux).

Nov 14, 2009 by Gillmaus
There are no 3D-hardware dependent games included.
Download from puppyiso mirror (user puppy password linux), 
md5sum 581bfcdc8c2d6684d364b559c2aab2af 

Puppy Linux Arcade
Nov 11, 2009 - From the Forum, sc0ttman introduces:
Puppy Arcade V5 - based on Turbopup Xtreme
Videogame Emulation Puplet, now based on TurboPup !!
Download here: Mirror1 | Mirror2 | Mirror3
Note: Mirror 3 requires user = puppy password = PuppyArcadev5
109MB MD5: 3f114a4ffce5d5299c86b0b8ad09e636

Nov 10, 2009 - Puppy-4.2.1-MULTIUSER.iso revision 3 is available!
"This is a multiuser version [revision 2] of Puppy 4.2.1. Initially, it should work just like a normal 4.2.1 Puppy - you are automatically logged in as root. However, there are a few new wizards in the Setup section of the menu. One for adding new users. One for changing your password. And one for disabling the automatic login. The idea here is that this could be used as a standard Puppy, without impacting the vast majority who like to be root, while still allowing the few who really have good reasons to not be root to do as they choose with minimum effort. Which also means they stop complaining about how they don't like being root. So it's a win for everybody."
Download : puppy-4.2.1-MULTIUSER-r3.iso - (101 MB) 
or try russoodle's mirror (user puppy password linux)
md5sum ff7e5a22b6eecc6db0b5b809278198e4

ChemPup Chemistry Puplet
ChemPup-1.0.1 is currently in development and available for beta-testing.
For download, visit the site and register.

ChoicePup and SFS galore!
ChoicePup is a stripped version of Puppy with major software provided by separate SFS files which can be installed and uninstalled quickly, easily and as needed. This makes it versatile and low on computer resource use.
Download : here.

TOP Linux 4.2.1
TOP (Tacky Optimizing Puppy) Linux is a Puplet for emerging countries, inspired by NOP.
(Nearly Office Pup -> http://www.puppylinux.org/downloads/puplets/nop-nearly-office-pup

Puppy Crypt 4.20
From the site: "Parent Puppy: Puppy Linux 4.2.0 "Deep Thought"

  • OpenOffice 3.0 (dictionary: EN, IT, ES, PO, DE, FR);
  • Skype 2.0 - internet telephony;
  • Vlc - media player with audio and video codecs;
  • Gimp 2.4 - image editor;
  • TrueCrypt (volume mounted in "mnt", with Desktop link) - create a virtual encrypted disk;
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (dictionary: EN, IT, ES, PO, DE, FR) + Enigmail + GnuPG - email sign, authenticate, encrypt and decrypt;
  • GtkHash - create hash from files or text (MD5, SHA1, ...);
  • Java (jre-6u10-beta)."
Language: English

 New Browserpup
From the site: "BrowserLinux is a fast and small (79 MB!) Linux distribution based on Puppy Linux for surfing the web:
* Web-browser (Firefox 3.5.x)
* Flash 10 (Fullscreen Youtube)
* JWM rounded corners
* PDF-reader
* Music Player (Alsaplayer)
* Asus Eee: wireless works on Eee PC "
Download here

Source : wonderful linux

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